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Now you can edit your video files, photos and music into beautiful memorable projects for the whole family to enjoy.


I'm Rory Your Trainer

I have been doing video production since 1984. I am excited to bring you this course in a very easy to follow step by step fashion. This course will allow you to take a pile of video clips, photos and music and weave it into something that you will actually want to watch.

Once your masterpiece is produced, you can watch it, share it, duplicate it and stream it. You can even capture digital stills from the video or project with a click of a button. It's a great way to save, preserve and share moments that only exist on the video.

The software is FREE to our customers, so lets get started. 

What Will You Learn In Our

Video Editing Course

  • Downloading and Installing The Program

  • We will be using a FREE open source program that works on Macs and PCs. We will show you where to find it and how to install it.

  • Basic Tour of The Editing Program

  • Although this is a very full featured editing program, we will be focusing on the basic elements that you will want to use in your project. Don't worry, it's easy.

  • Organizing Your Project

  • One way to increase the speed of editing is good organization.. We will show you what you need to organize and how to do it, step by step..

  • Timeline Basics

  • The timeline in the editing program is where all of your elements come together to form your masterpiece. This lesson will make you comfortable with it.

  • Setting Your Project Profile

  • Nothing is very strong or lasting without a good foundation and in video editing tat foundation is your "Project Profile". In this lesson we explain profiles, and help you pick yours.

  • Editing Your Project

  • In this final lesson we take all that we learned and bring it together to create a project. From adding video & music, to titles  and transitions we show you how to create and export the final film.

Who Should Attend This Training Course

If you have a computer and a desire to organize your memories in a fun and easy way, then this course is for you. It is step by step, over the shoulder instruction that will have you crafting your projects like a pro. And did we mention that it is Fun too. Be the hit of your next family gathering.

Edit Tribute Videos - Vacation Videos - Create Gifts for the Holidays - Family Histories - Organize your memories - Great Family Project!

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